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Name of Project: Hotel 101 Resort

Location: Boracay Newcoast, Aklan

Hotel 101 Resort is set to be the largest hotel in the Philippines by room count envisioned by Hotel of Asia, Inc. It is situated in a 15,516 square meters beachfront property in Boracay Newcoast at the Northern part of the Malay island, Boracay. The 4-star hotel resort has a total gross floor area of 58,599.32 square meters which has a total of 1,001 hotel rooms, a business center and functions halls that can cater up to 1200 pax for various conventions, an outdoor infinity pool facing beachfront maximizing the horizon of the sea. It also provides spaces for restaurants, commercial and retail for lifestyle and leisure.

The project development is designed to be pedestrian and PWD friendly ensuring connectivity and walkability within the vicinity of Boracay Newcoast. Commercial establishments are strategically located fronting the arcades accessible for guests/tourists. The hotel comprises of 3 clustered lobbies with high speed elevators to ensure the efficient of guests to different levels of the 6-storey building.

Hotel rooms along the beach front are rewarded with the unobstructed view of the sea. Each hotel rooms are also designed with balconies facing different vistas. Light courts strategically placed within the building to ensure that every hotel room has access to natural light and ventilation. The development is made accessible with the provision of parking slots to cater to the needs of hotel guests. A private cove exclusive for Hotel 101 guests awaits them to marvel at the hidden gems that the island has to offer.

Geared towards sustainability, Hotel 101 Resort aims to provide green technologies and solutions such as solar panels that will help to reduce energy consumption; rainwater harvesting system, sewage treatment plant (STP) that can be used for non-potable water used such as cleaning, washing and irrigation. It also features garden decks that soften the edges of the building façade and to create an ecosystem balance to natural environment. Designing for green strategies, Hotel 101 Resorts is adopted to its relatively sloping terrain to minimize soil impact and transfer and to provide natural slopes to view surrounding scenery. The project development is integrated with concrete, glass and local materials such as wood to compliment local and natural color. Arcades and outdoor walkways will use permeable clay tiles to allow rainwater to sip through the ground and flow to gaps and corners.

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